Moving Snow

2015 Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO – Picture Review


This review covers the new Dealer ONLY Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO Model 921044.

I am going to write this review a little differently than others. This review is all pictures with an explanation under each one. Let me know in the comments at the end how you like this format!

Who is this snow blower for? Anyone with a 2 to 3 car wide driveway up to 300 feet long. This snow blower will handle gravel and turf. It will clear wet snow, hard packed snow, end of driveway snow and the snow you got last year in Boston. I only NEED a 24 inch snow blower but if I went out to buy a snow blower tomorrow this would be a great choice. The snow blower will handle 95% of the snows we get in the U. S. and I don’t have a problem recommend it for anyone who gets up to 180 inches of snow a year.  It’s not quite as fast at clearing deep snow as the Ariens Platinum 30 SHO but it has plenty of power to still get the job done no matter where you live.



Attention Tecumseh Power Dealers

Letter from Lauson Power Procucts introducing LCT engines


Dear TecumsehPower Dealer,

This is a follow-up communication to the letter from December 2010 regarding our new partnership with LCT engines based in Travelers Rest, SC. We again, wish to thank you for your support during our transition from the TecumsehPower brand, to the newly restored Lauson brand. Through this partnership, we will be providing technical and warranty support for LCT engines through all of you, the TecumsehPower/Lauson dealer/ distributor network. Your dealerships will see an increasing presence of LCT engines on both summer and winter equipment from manufacturers like Ariens and Husqvarna as well as on private branded models such as John Deere, Craftsman, Mac Tools and Mi-T-M.

As we move forward, the combined strengths of our two companies will insure the continued supply of parts and some replacement engines for existing TecumsehPower and future Lauson engines. This new partnership will also bring back many of the proven TecumsehPower designs and new engines under the Lauson label and will be available to and supported by your dealerships. With your support, we will bring the rich legacy of Lauson and TecumsehPower’s innovative engine designs dating back to 1895 into the future.

The following reviews changes that have already occurred or are in process to assist in making this program a success for your business.

Warranty Process: All warranty for current and future LCT or Lauson brand engines is available through our E-Warranty system. To get into the secure system, go to, enter your current TecumsehPower dealer number and the password (contact LCT if you need this information). The warranty reimbursement rate will continue at standard or limited dealer level regardless of the brand you are repairing; Lauson, LCT or TecumsehPower. Should you have questions about your current dealer status or discounts, please contact your distributor. A detailed explanation of current dealer options can also be found inside the dealer portal at Please note, warranty for engines previously produced by TecumsehPower will continue to be filed through the paper OPESSA-157 warranty claim process you have been using these past years.

Parts and Technical Support: Parts and technical support for LCT engines will be provided through your regular TecumsehPower Distributor. In addition to support from our distributor group, you will also be able to obtain repair manuals, service information and parts lists through the secure site at Also, we are reviewing the options to provide the parts lists to you through the electronic parts catalogue companies on a non-exclusive basis for your convenience.

Part Number System: We have established a new simplified part number system for the LCT engine and parts. During this transitional period, both the LCT part numbers and the new CPC part numbers will be on the parts list, please begin ordering only by the CPC part number column. We will also be placing a cross reference sheet in the dealer portal in the near future to further assist with this issue.

Carburetor Warranty Policy Enclosed Bulletin 132: As you are aware, the industry faces many challenges with today’s reformulated fuels that require customers to take additional steps regarding storage and maintenance of their equipment. Based on evaluations of carburetors replaced under warranty, we have found many of them are not defects in workmanship or quality, however, the damage was the result of improper storage or bad fuel. Failure to follow this procedure will delay the warranty payment to your company.

Thank you again for your continued support and assistance as we go forward as Lauson Power Products Company, LLC.

1029 S. Jackson Street P.O. Box 8468 Janesville, Wisconsin 53547-8468

Liquid Combustion Technology Donates Generators to Japan Relief

PR Newswire - United Business Media


TRAVELERS REST, S.C., March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Liquid Combustion Technology, LLC, (LCT) is contributing 100 power generators vital to Japanese relief efforts to help officials and northern Japan citizens begin the recovery journey from multiple catastrophes.

The LCT donation, made on behalf of the Company, its employees and its customers, represents more than $120,000 worth of generators. The generators are built on LCT’s own high-quality engine platforms that can provide more than 1,000 hours of usage, compared to 250 hours from other engine manufacturers.

The generators, specifically designed for use in Japan, can be used by officials for relief activities such as medical services and food preparation or by homeowners for appliance, food or rebuilding activities. LCT also has started an industry-wide campaign to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who create equipment that generates power and has appealed to them to contribute to the needs of the Japanese people.