Introducing Electronic Fuel Injection for Snow Throwers

Electronic Fuel Injection for Snow Throwers

LCT has produced the first residential Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engines for snow thrower applications. In an effort to reduce the number of customer touch points, LCT has developed EFI engines that eliminate the need for fuel shutoff valves, primers, and chokes. This takes the guess work out of starting – compared to conventional carbureted engines. By simply turning the key and pulling the recoil or using the electric starter, the engine will start in all weather conditions. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) adjusts fuel delivery to compensate for temperature and altitude as needed.
With the addition of an electronic governor, engine performance is enhanced by maintaining the engine set speed, regardless of the load, reducing noise and vibration. A typical mechanical governor controlled engine needs to run 300-400 RPM’s higher to compensate for speed reduction or droop when a load is applied.
Maintenance is reduced since our Electronic Fuel Injection engines do not have a carburetor. Carburetors retain fuel that stagnates and can clog fuel passages, which can affect run quality and startablity. In the event it needs servicing, EFI system troubleshooting is simplified by the ECU flashing error codes that quickly diagnose the issue and repairs can be completed using common tools.

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    • Gary Weber


      Our EFI is currently available only on 306cc, 369cc and 420cc engines. They have been exclusivity built for the Ariens Company. At this time it would be very hard and expensive to retrofit an EFI system or complete engine to your current snow blower because some of the parts must be purchased from Ariens (battery, wire harness, throttle controller)

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